Hi , my name is Anne O'Donnell. I am an experienced New Zealand registered nurse.
I started this business to bring solutions to people who suffer from chronic respiratory complaints .

In New Zealand , once someone is prescribed oxygen therapy they are provided (if they meet certain criteria),with a stationary oxygen concentrator for home use , and a cylinder for short trips outside the home . Usually a family member or friend needs to accompany the person to help with the bulky cylinder. 

The Inogen Portable Concentrator changes all this .The client is now able to resume their normal activities. I have had much pleasure sharing in the delight my customers feed back to me . 

Here are some comments . 

" I have been out to dinner with my wife for the first time in two years .We have also been to the movies and away for the weekend. I can now visit my grandchildren ,who live 2 hours drive away. "  JD

I am awaiting a heart /lung transplant . I wanted a G3 because it was lighter . I tried one out , but after a chat with Anne , she suggested the G2 would better fit my requirements .  She even drove to Greenlane Hospital and showed me how much better it would meet my oxygen therapy needs .I am now planning a holiday with my wife .  Thank you Anne .
Name withheld .

"I love my caravan , and my fishing trips in the Mackenzie country .My lovely wife is on oxygen therapy , so I hadn't been for ages . I phoned Anne to see if a portable oxygen concentrator would be ok for her , and if it would work off solar power in the caravan. ? We also wanted the respiratory nurse to look at it . Anne sent one down , and we thought it was great. She also found out how I could power it off the solar power. The first thing we did was go to Christchurch for my grand-daughters school concert."
M, Timaru 

"My doctor said I couldn't go to my home in Rarotonga because I have a heart condition. He said If I wanted to go I would have to have an oxygen machine . I rang Anne and she came the same day. I bought the machine and booked my flight . It won't even matter now if there is a power cut , because of the battery . " N Rarotonga /Auckland 

"My Dad is very independent . He needed a portable  oxygen concentrator . I work during the week so Anne drove out to his place at the weekend . She showed us both machines .   . Anne is an Angel"   Sharon and Tony 

"I am so pleased with my portable oxygen concentrator. I have been back to bowls , and can now go to the library. I love it !'
K  Auckland 

The Inogen G3's are the best concentrator for overseas travel. the airlines accept the Inogen brand . They are easy to use on the plane .I travel at least twice a year . 
V Auckland 


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