Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed below, please contact us.
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How long does the battery charge last?
The small sized batteries last up to 4 hours and large batteries up to 8 hours plus ( G5).  on the level 2 oxygen supply. You will lose about 20-30 minutes when using higher settings. 

What is the service life of the battery?
If you keep up regular maintenance on your battery by discharging it to 10% once a month you can expect anywhere from 2-3 years service life.

Can I use a mask?
No, you will not get a proper seal and it may be hard for your Inogen One oxygen concentrator to pick up the breath detection. The breath detection allows for a more efficient delivery system.

Can I use the Inogen One at night?
Yes, the Inogen One is one of only a few portable oxygen concentrators that is designed to be used at night. Even though the Inogen One machines are pulse delivery they will adjust the flow automatically to counter the breaths of a person while they sleep. The pulse flow assists the oxygen to the lungs and is a more efficient delivery system.

What happens if the power goes out at night and I am using the Inogen on the 240v source?
The Inogen will switch automatically over to battery and you will have 4-8 hours dependant on battery size and the level of oxygen supply if the battery is fully charged.

I am dependant on my oxygen so if I am out and the Inogen stops working what do I do?
The most important thing is for you to get to oxygen so either call an Ambulance or get back home to an alternative source of oxygen then report the Inogen fault to us as soon as possible. As for any oxygen supply it is up to the customer to ensure that they have a separate source or supply of oxygen.

How often should I clean the filters?
Once a week is preferable but will depend on whether you have been in a dusty environment. It is best to clean with a soft dry cloth or soft toothbrush.

How long does the oxygen last before I need to get it filled?
The Inogen does not store the Oxygen but it makes it as required and is therefore much safer for you than oxygen bottles.