Breathe easy with an
Inogen G5 portable
oxygen concentrator,
anytime, anywhere

The Inogen One range of portable oxygen concentrators makes sure that you aren’t unnecessarily confined to your home. Contact us today for your free trial

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Reclaim your Independence

NEW G5 now available from Oxygen Plus 

Smaller , quieter  and has 6 settings .  Contact us for more information . 

Traditionally Oxygen Concentrators are bulky and restrict you to your home.

The Inogen One  G5  POC's are  lightweight and fully portable, so you can get out and enjoy doing all the activities you love. they are lightweight and easy to carry around with you while you’re on the go, what’s more, it’s safe for use all day, every day.

Get a good night sleep

 The Inogen  G5 can be safely used 24/7.  Unlike other pulse dose delivery devices , the Inogen range was specifically designed to deliver oxygen to sleeping patients . An unprecedented level of sensitivity to a user's breathing enables the machine to differentiate a breath from other variations in nasal cannula pressure .  The unique technology promotes increased oxygen delivery  during sleep  for most patients, ensuring reliable delivery of your prescription.  The Inogen machines are also quieter than other concentrators .

I have a RESEARCH PAPER that compares   PULSE DOSE OXYGEN DELIVERY  with  CONTINUOUS FLOW OXYGEN DELIVERY for nocturnal use.       If you would like a copy please email me or phone . 
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Freedom to travel

Airline travel has often  been out of reach for those who need oxygen therapy .  The Inogen  G5 fixes that and makes travelling with your oxygen concentrator easy. 

It’s approved to be used on flights  for multiple airlines.  It is FAA approved . Don’t get stuck in the same place, experience airline travel again, with the Inogen One  G5 . With extra batteries available , even long haul flights are achievable .

I can arrange a hire for short term travel, flights and cruises.
Contact Anne on 022 129 5268.  .

or  027 529 2055 - Office hours 9 am to 5 pm 

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Long Lasting Battery: removable 

The Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrators make sure you don’t need to hover near a power supply.
With different battery options and the ability to quickly change batteries when you need to, you can stay out and about much longer.
The G5 comes with either a 4 hour or a 10 hour battery (depends on flow rate) calculated at 2 LPM    

Having a removable battery means that the battery is able to be replaced, and also extra batteries can be used for travel.


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Keep your independence, with the specialists choice in portable oxygen therapy

A recent independent review compared the Inogen One G3  to three other portable oxygen concentrators, read the report here
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Anne O' Donnell

Tel: 022 129 5268
Our Latest Testimonial for our Inogen G3
"The G5 portable oxygen concentrator has changed my life !.It is ,lightweight and easy to manage .  I can get out of the house whenever I please .  I have been to the movies and  out to dinner for the first time in over two years , and have had a variety of visits to family and friends . It is a big bonus to have up to ten hours of battery life, which will also be useful if there is ever a power cut.I am planning a trip to Christchurch to visit my daughter .  I thoroughly recommend it . "

V Wills . Auckland 


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