Pulse Dose Oxygen Delivery Systems Are More Efficient than Continuous Flow

Continuous flow oxygen delivery was once believed to be the most efficient system for patients needing oxygen during sleep. However, data has shown that the blood oxygen saturation was not being maintained at recommended levels. Further research concluded that the amount of oxygen that reaches the lungs is a compilation of many different factors. The most effective oxygen is delivered during the first 400 milliseconds of the in-breath. The Inogen One pulse dose delivery systems use that 400-millisecond window of opportunity to deliver optimum oxygen.

The Inogen One can do this because it has an ultrasensitive system that detects the intake of breath at which point it delivers the required oxygen. It is one of the most sensitive pulse dose oxygen delivery systems available, and it works well for patients with shallow breathing.

Not only are pulse dose oxygen delivery systems more effective for patients while sleeping but they benefit patients throughout the day whether they are exercising, doing daily activities or resting. The Inogen system is the only piece of equipment a patient on oxygen therapy needs.

Accessories such as a backpack, extra batteries, and AC/DC adaptors make it easy to take the light and portable Inogen oxygen concentrator wherever you go. You can try an Inogen One without risk via our free trial. If you would like to learn more, contact Oxygen Plus, and we will be happy to discuss how an oxygen generator can benefit you.
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