Benefits of a Portable Oxygen Machine and Where to Find a Portable O2 Generator/Concentrator for Sale

Many people live with lung diseases that require them to use supplemental oxygen daily. If you are prescribed oxygen for day and night use, there are many things you can do to make coping much more comfortable. Oxygen not only saves lives but also improves people’s quality of life – and a small, portable oxygen machine can have a significant positive impact on how you feel and how much freedom and independence you have. Here are some of the benefits of using a portable O2 concentrator. 

Improves stamina

One of the most significant problems caused by low oxygen levels is the lack of energy to make it through the day. Oxygen Therapy can give you the stamina needed to carry out your normal daily activities including dressing, cooking, and other daily activities. A portable oxygen generator makes a variety of activities available to you.  Walking is the best exercise for people with COPD, and you can carry your Inogen portable oxygen concentrator with you on your walk. 

Improves sleep

Even for people with healthy lungs, oxygen levels are naturally lower during sleep. When people have a chronic lung disease such as COPD, this lowering of oxygen saturation can interfere with sleep quality and result in significant health problems. If you believe that your sleep patterns are often disrupted because of low oxygen levels, speak with your doctor. Using supplemental oxygen during sleep may help you achieve the restful sleep you need. 

Enhances mood and alertness

Using a portable oxygen machine can help keep all your organs – including your brain – healthy and functioning at their best. This benefit doesn’t stop with improved cognition, however; many patients report that their mood gets a boost, as well. Getting out and about with your portable oxygen concentrator helps with maintaining your social life, so you don’t feel isolated at home . 

Maximises comfort

For people with chronic lung disease, using a portable O2 concentrator can help ensure that they are comfortable and free to go where they like. Access to a portable oxygen machine means that you can have the oxygen you need 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever you go. 

Frees you up to travel

Besides the health benefits, a portable oxygen concentrator will allow you to maintain an active social life, even travelling when and where you’d like. These machines are lightweight and easy to carry, so feel free to take a stroll, meet friends for lunch, or travel by car, train, boat, or airplane. 

Where to find a portable oxygen concentrator for sale

At Oxygen Plus, we are a small, dedicated company providing our clients with Inogen G3 oxygen concentrators. These concentrators are small, lightweight, and approved for daytime and night time use. Reclaim your freedom and independence with a compact and portable Inogen G3 from Oxygen Plus. We offer outstanding customer service and focus on the quality of the products we supply as well as client education. If you’re looking for a portable oxygen concentrator for sale, contact Oxygen Plus today.