Go Mobile: Tips for Travelling with a Portable Medical Oxygen Concentrator or Generator

Advances in medical technology have made it much easier for people with chronic lung disease to lead full lives and even travel as much as they like. If you have a portable medical oxygen generator, you’re no longer limited to short car trips. A mobile medical oxygen concentrator can give you the freedom to enjoy long road trips, cruises, and even international flights. Here are some tips for safe, fun travel with oxygen. 

Travel by car

The easiest and most convenient way to travel for oxygen patients is usually by car. Road trips allow you to travel at your own pace, stopping to rest whenever you need to. Keep your car charger with you so that you can charge your concentrator as needed. If you have emergency medications or inhalers, pack them in an easy-to-reach place and always keep them available. 

Travel by train or bus

Even though air travel has overtaken trains and buses, these vehicles still provide a simple and convenient way for people on oxygen therapy   to travel. Contact the train company or bus line ahead of time to make sure that your mobile oxygen generator will be allowed on board and find out whether you can have a cabin or seat with electrical outlets. Carry your prescription with you, as you may be required to present it, along with a doctor’s note, giving you the go-ahead to travel. Always keep your emergency medications close at hand, and travel with enough battery life to last in case of delays. 

Air travel with a portable medical oxygen concentrator

Having a portable oxygen concentrator – instead of oxygen tanks or liquid oxygen – allows you to travel by plane, even on extended international flights. Notify the airline ahead of time that you are travelling with oxygen and obtain your prescription and a doctor’s note. Ensure that you have enough battery life and that you are entirely familiar with your portable concentrator and how it works. Charge your batteries the night before to save time and be aware that you will likely be required to have 150% of the flight time in battery life (i.e., six hours of battery life for a four-hour flight). 

Portable oxygen generators are amazing inventions that give oxygen patients back their freedom and independence. Contact Oxygen Plus to learn more about how to obtain yours and take back your life. 
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