Portable Oxygen Machine (That Makes Its Own Oxygen) and Concentrator Accessories

Having your doctor prescribe oxygen therapy can feel like losing a little piece of your independence as you imagine being tied to bulky tanks. However, oxygen therapy doesn’t mean you have to change your lifestyle. Oxygen Plus offers portable oxygen equipment and oxygen concentrator accessories to help you remain active and independent.

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

Doctors prescribe oxygen therapy for conditions such as COPD, and it’s vital that you follow the doctor’s orders for a variety of reasons. Using oxygen as prescribed lowers incidences of complications and heart failure associated with severe lung diseases. Lower than adequate oxygen affects every organ in your body.

The most prevalent symptom of a chronic lung condition is dyspnoea or shortness of breath. The lack of oxygen also increases fatigue, dizziness and depression. An oxygen concentrator helps alleviate the symptoms, which improves your quality of life because you can enjoy your favourite activities again.

Even though oxygen therapy improves the symptoms of lung disease and increases quality of life, many patients have difficulty being compliant for a variety of reasons. For example, some people find the oxygen equipment hard to use. or might feel self-conscious. We are here to make oxygen therapy comfortable and easy to use so you will stay compliant and reap the full benefits.

Oxygen Concentrator and Accessories  

We offer a portable oxygen device that makes its own oxygen, so you don’t have to drag large, unwieldy tanks. Inogen One portable oxygen equipment weighs a little over 2 kilograms making it easy to carry. It concentrates the oxygen found in the air which means you will never run out or worry about how much is in a tank.

The motor is quiet and can run up to 8 hours on battery power, which can be recharged using AC or DC supplies. It is the only equipment you need because it is a portable oxygen machine that makes its own oxygen successfully whether you are at home or on the road. It is approved for night time use as well. 

We carry oxygen concentrator accessories to make life a little easier such as backpacks, extra batteries and external chargers, and AC/DC adapters. If you have any questions about portable oxygen equipment and accessories, contact Oxygen Plus. We provide support and free trials so you can rest assured you are making the right decision about an oxygen concentrator.
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