Mobile Oxygen Concentrator from Oxygen Plus

At Oxygen Plus we provide Inogen One mobile oxygen concentrators to our clients who have been prescribed oxygen therapy. It’s a portable oxygen device that concentrates the oxygen from the air to meet the needs of those who have been prescribed oxygen therapy.  

Inogen One is a small, lightweight piece of equipment that enables you to run errands, attend events, or travel easily. Accessories such as backpacks and extra batteries make travelling even more convenient, and many airlines allow passengers to fly with their devices. Although the Inogen One is an effective portable device, it still meets all your needs for the home including the oxygen required throughout the night.

Increased physical activity is recommended for patients with lung conditions, but breathing difficulties make it challenging. Exercise has been shown to benefit the shortness of breath that is prevalent in people with lung conditions. It also helps you sleep better, decreases depression and anxiety, and increases your energy levels, strength, and endurance. The Inogen One mobile oxygen concentrator is small and can be placed in a backpack and easily carried as you walk the neighbourhood or track. 

If you are looking for an oxygen generator that can handle all your therapy needs while still being light and portable, contact Oxygen Plus. We will be happy to discuss the benefits of the Inogen One systems and answer all your questions. We can even set up a free trial for you to try the system in your home and while you are out and about.
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